Top Compared Vertical Market Apps

RentMaster RentMaster

Interface: RentMaster is an ideal program for any small or large rental business owner. As such, this program has an interface that makes a good deal of sense for those who work within the rental business. From the start, users will see a simple and clean interface that includes five logical categories (Reports, Statistics, Customers, Orders, and Inventory). Thanks to these simple subjects, no user confusion will arise. Usability: A program is only as good as its interface, and RentMaster follows is no exception to this rule. Thanks to a clean interface that includes self-explanatory categories (as mentioned above) users will find RentMaster easy to navigate. The program does include a “Tips” section that is a great deal of help, when needed. Main Function: Keeping track of rentals is difficult enough without being forced to use a confusing program. RentMaster gets everything right from the way that this program is laid out to the various customizable categories included. From start to finish, RentMaster makes rental inventory and customer organization a cinch. Extra Features: RentMaster allows user to print mailing labels and quickly generate useful reports. These two functions are invaluable when it comes to running a rental (or any other) business. Value: RentMaster has really been developed with rental business owners in mind. If you own a business of this sort, RentMaster will not disappoint. While the $995 price tag might turn away some business owners, this program is worth the high cost (and you can test it out for free for 30-days).

Vehicle Fleet Manager Vehicle Fleet Manager

Interface: Keeping tabs on a large fleet can be a tough job. In fact, it’s a job that can’t be done without a reliable program. Vehicle Fleet Manager comes with an easy to use interface that leaves plenty of space for items like “vehicle maintenance,” “service schedules,” “fuel logs,” and various other aspects of the fleet industry. Usability: There’s nothing complex about Vehicle Fleet Manager, which is a nice change of pace from similar programs that offer more confusion than anything else. At the top of the Vehicle Fleet Manager screen, users will see a vertical row of logical fleet tracking options. Choosing any one of these options allows users to enter specific fleet details. Vehicle Fleet Manager also includes tabs that can be assigned to every vehicle within a fleet, and this makes tracking each truck much simpler. Main Function: Vehicle Fleet Manager will keep track of as many vehicles as needed. Having the ability to enter specific information about vehicles within a fleet means having complete control over a larger, small, or medium sized fleet – and that’s an important and vital detail. In every manner, Vehicle Fleet Manager is an effective fleet tracking tool that is highly recommended. Extra Features: Not only do fleet owners have to keep track of vehicles, but (as you know) it’s also important to keep track of each driver. Vehicle Fleet Manager includes a separate database for every employee within a fleet company. Details like a driver’s license number and other vital information can be added to these databases simply. Value: At $44.98, Vehicle Fleet Manager is a real bargain. Many other fleet tracking programs are much more expensive than this one, though very few competing programs are as easy to use as Vehicle Fleet Manager.

Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale

Interface: If you have used a restaurant point of sale program before, you’ll be familiar with Abacre’s interface. This program includes a self-explanatory interface that comes with big and colorful icons, simple buttons, and drop down menus. Users can enter information into standard forms quite easily using this program. Usability: The idea behind Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale (or any restaurant program, really) is to make adding orders and including order specifics easier. From the standpoint of a restaurant owner, programs like this one provide useful information (such as the name of a cashier or waiter). These added details make Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale an ideal program for a small to medium-sized restaurant. Main Function: As stated, the main purpose of Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale is to provide restaurant owners and workers with a solid way to track information, enter orders, and help the business side of a restaurant run smoothly. There are a myriad of restaurant programs just like this one out there, but Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale is preferred by many thanks to its simple interface. Extra Features: While somewhat standard these days, Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale includes an interface that was developed for touchscreen use. Restaurants that have a touchscreen system will find this added feature helpful. Value: Simply put, all restaurant software is expensive, but that’s the cost of doing business. With this in mind, the $149.99 price tag that’s attaché d to Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale isn’t that high. You can also test out this program for free (limited) for 30-days prior to purchase.

Abacre Retail Point of Sale Abacre Retail Point of Sale

Interface Abacre Retail Point of Sale comes with a clean white interface that isn’t crammed with confusion drop down menus and icons. As with any other program, this one comes with a slight learning curve, but it’s not a curve that can’t be easily mastered. Users of all levels (and retail stores of all sizes) will find Abacre Retail Point of Sale a useful (and necessary) tool. Usability: Retail business owner will find Abacre Retail Point of Sale relatively easy to use. Due to a simple interface (mentioned above), there’s nothing difficult about Abacre Retail Point of Sale. Users can input all kind of information ranging from employee details to item descriptions. Essentially, everything that’s needed to run a successful retail business is included in this program. Main Function: If your main goal is to purchase a retail program that’s simple to use and effective, Abacre Retail Point of Sale might be worth looking into. You can keep track of employees, customize various portions of this program, and include any detail that you deem important. Extra Features: Abacre Retail Point of Sale has been set up to run on a number of different systems, including those that have touch screens. This is a nice feature, since many other programs of this type can’t effectively work with touch screen systems. Value: Abacre Retail Point of Sale comes with a free 30-day trial that’s a good idea to take advantage of if you want to see how this program works (limited). The actual retail price ($149.95) is comparable to other programs in its class.

Worship Assistant Worship Assistant

Interface: Worship Assistant gets an “A” for effort interface-wise, though the program does fall short of being classified as “simple” to use. If you have some experience with database-type programs, you’ll find Worship Assistant rather self-explanatory. If not, the various screens that are included in this program may prove to be overwhelming. Usability: A few points have to be taken away from Worship Assistant due to a complex interface (that doesn’t necessarily have to be so difficult to navigate). However, there is a Help file that user can look at, and this file is quite thorough. If a Help file is enough (test this program out first), using this program can be simple enough. Main Function: UI difficulties aside, Worship Assistant does work as promised. Church organizers can keep track of everything from rehearsal times to choir selection using this program. The one drawback to Worship Assistant is that every detail must be entered into this program manually, and this might prove to be somewhat difficult. Extra Features: The “Worship Songs Manager” is a nice feature that many will find useful. This manager allows users to enter various service song details such as lyrics and other details. In addition, service songs can be organized as preferred. Choir masters will find this feature particularly helpful. Value: Worship Assistant retails for $69. While there are other programs of this sort on the market, the church program selection is somewhat slim, so Worship Assistant might be worth those extra funds. This reviewer recommends checking out the 30-day trial offer prior to purchase.


Vertical market programs help business owners keep rental apartments, fleets, organizations, and other business costs and details in line. These programs should be easy to use, simple enough to add details to, and full of helpful features.

When comparing the above vertical market apps, RentMaster came out on top due to excellence in every category. This program is cost-effective, comes with a simply interface, and is an ideal program for any property manager (large or small).

Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale (best reserved for restaurant owners) and Vehicle Fleet Manager (for those looking to keep track of a large or small fleet) also gained high marks for simplicity and overall function.

The Worship Assistant program reviewed here gained lower marks due to a bit of a learning curve. Likewise, Abacre's Retail Point of Sale program could use some additional polish on the part of the developer.
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